Womcy establishes partnership with IoT Security Institute

Written by: WOMCY

February 16, 2022

WOMCY and IoT Security Institute establish unprecedented partnership to deliver SCCISP Scholarships to women in Latin America.

WOMCY, Latam Women in Cybersecurity, and IoT Security Institute establish unprecedented partnership to deliver SCCISP Scholarships to women in Latin America.

Miami – February 8th, 2022. WOMCY, Latam Women in Cybersecurity and IoT Security Institute are pleased to announce the launch of the first ever SCCISP Scholarships designated to promote women who are interested in further advancing their cybersecurity skills.

“The main objective of this initiative is to minimize the knowledge gap and increase the talent pool in cybersecurity. The 20 SCCISP scholarships made available exclusively to WOMCY intend to provide members of its community the opportunity to enhance and develop their cybersecurity skills through an industry leading, smart cyber certification”, stated Maria Duran Roja, SCCISP Scholarship Coordinator.

The SCCISP Associate course is an IoT Security Institute introductory course offering an industry recognized career pathway for cyber professionals requiring the skills to develop within the IoT-IIoT security sectors. Completing the SCCISP Associate course provides the candidate with the skills to securely design, implement and manage IoT Security controls and services. In addition, the SCCISP Associate provides candidates with the essential skills to address “smart world” cyber and privacy challenges.

“This is a fine example of two organizations working together to address a cyber industry challenge. We hope this scholarship program provides benefits to women looking at advancing their careers within Latin America. It is a small step in a long journey, however it certainly is heading in the right direction”, confirmed Alan Mihalic, President IoT Institute and SCCISP Campus.

The SCCISP Associate course will be made available to candidates via the SCCISP Campus.  Female candidates interested in applying to the SCCISP scholarship need to first register at the IoT Security Institute website,and subsequently submit a Womcy LATAM SCCISP Associate Scholarship application.  The application and assessment process will be managed by WOMCY in accordance with the organization’s objectives to increase the diversity in cybersecurity. Scholarship candidates will be notified by a WOMCY representative by March 31st, 2022.

As stated by Leticia Gammill, President and Founder of WOMCY, “Continuing to promote diversity in cybersecurity is the priority for our organization. Throughout the last year, we have made an impact in thousands of individuals who attended our programs and completed the cybersecurity courses and certifications promoted by WOMCY.  We are making cybersecurity accessible to more women and positively impacting their growth in Latin America.  We welcome the partnership with IoT Security Institute to support our community in the development of cybersecurity skills”.

About WOMCY, LATAM Women in Cybersecurity

WOMCY is a non-profit organization – made up of women – with a focus on the development of Cybersecurity in Latin America. The primary objective of WOMCY is to minimize the knowledge gap and increase the talent pool in Cybersecurity across Latin America. WOMCY offers programs for the Corporate Segment, Education Segment in Schools and Universities, and Talent Development, as well as a network of professionals in Cybersecurity in Latin America.

About IoT Security Institute

The Internet of Things Security Institute is an academic and industry body dedicated to providing frameworks and supporting educational services to assist in managing security within IoT and IIoT eco-systems. In addition, we are the authorised certification body for the SCCISP certification. SCCISP certification programs are delivered via the  SCCISP Campus, an IoTSI educational initiative.

IoT Security Institute – Internet of Things Security Institute

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